silk scarf "1899"


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100% silk scarf


Made in France

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The fight between Charles Charlemont, one of the greateast masters of the savate, and Jerry Driscoll, an english boxing champion (who at the time held the Navy Champion title) happened in November 18th, 1899.

Dubbed “The Fight Of The Century”, the fight was supposed to determine which style was superior, between the raw and brutal english boxe and the graceful, technical savate.

Charlemont won the fight after a brutal kick, hitting the stomach if you listen to the french, and the groin if you listen to the english…

Scarf designed by the artist Florian Kremers

Made in Lyon, French capital of silk printing since la Renaissance

Real size 68x68cm

Color navy blue

100% silk (Twill)

All our scarves come in a lovely gift box. 

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